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Adult Amateur Clinic

EducationApplication for participation in a chapter drawing for the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic requires that the following provisions be met:

  1. Applicant must be a current amateur member of SB-CDS at the time of the drawing.
  2. Applicant must have demonstrated recent support of the chapter with volunteer work, sponsorship, hosting of a chapter social or educational event, etc.
  3. Any member who has been the chapter’s representative to the Amateur Clinic must wait at least a year before re-applying for the drawing. This restriction does not prevent the individual from making direct, private application to the clinic organizer for an unused clinic slot or, if such a slot is obtained, from entering the chapter drawing the next year.
  4. Applicant must submit his/her name to the education chair or chapter chair via e-mail, telephone or first class mail.
  5. The drawing will be held at the chapter’s annual meeting.
  6. The names of an attendee and two alternates will be drawn.
  7. Attendee agrees to share details of the concepts and training methods learned by writing an account of his or her clinic experience for publication in the next edition of the chapter newsletter following the clinic.
  8. Applicant agrees to write a thank-you note to CDS immediately upon completion of the clinic.
  9. Applicant understands that by submitting his or her name for the drawing, he or she WILL attend, regardless of weather, convenience or scheduling difficulties, and agrees that as a participant in the clinic and a representative of SB-CDS, he or she will be receptive to the clinician’s teaching and training methods. Questions are encouraged if instructions are not understood, but resistance to the clinician’s instruction or criticism of the clinician’s methods is inappropriate. Respect for the clinician is also demonstrated by proper turnout and day-long attendance while the clinician is teaching other riders.
  10. Applicant is encouraged to take a chapter member as groom in order to further enhance and spread the learning experience through the chapter.

Educational Grant Program

Download the SB-CDS_EDU_GRANT-Application(PDF) or SB-CDS_EDU_GRANT-Application(DOC).

RULES AND GUIDELINES Revision D – January 12, 2011

6The purpose of this grant fund is to financially assist any eligible Members of the Santa Barbara Chapter of CDS who wishes to attend an educational activity. Grants will be made based on available funds, educational merit and member eligibility. Financial need will not be considered.

Member Eligibility: This program is open to any Chapter Member who has actively supported the chapter with recent volunteer work, sponsorship, hosting chapter events, etc.

Educational Event Criteria: Examples include CDS Adult Amateur Clinic, USDF Convention, “L” Program auditing, symposia, lessons, etc. Show entries are not included.
At least 30 days prior to the event, the applicant will submit an application and appropriate documentation of the nature and cost of the educational event by first class mail or e-mail to the SB-CDS Educational Chair. Each member will be limited to one grant per calendar year.

The Education Chair will process and approve grant requests based on criteria specified in these rules. If questions arise regarding eligibility or educational merit, the Educational Grant Committee will be consulted to make a final decision.

Upon completion of the educational event, the applicant will write and article for the chapter newsletter describing the concepts and skills learned. Funds will only be distributed after the applicant has attended the event, written the article for the chapter newsletter and submitted it to the Education Chair. A letter of congratulations from the Education Chair will be sent to the applicant with the grant check.

The Education Chair and/or Chapter Treasurer will apprise the Chapter Board of Directors as to what funds have been distributed from the Fund throughout the year.
Up to $100.00 per year will be granted to each eligible member for 2011.

Grants may be requested at any time.

Funding for this program will be decided in the first month of each calendar year or while formulating the calendar year’s budget.

Individual donations to this fund may be made at any time.

The applications for this fund will be available on the Chapter website, or by contacting the Education Chair.

Changes to these rules may be made at any time by the Chapter’s Board of Directors.

These rules have been revised, voted on, and approved by the Chapter’s Board of Directors on January 12, 2011.