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July 2018, fire destroyed our newly completed show supplies trailer


It’s been a horrible 18 hours, with the fire in Goleta threatening so many in our horse community. The good news is that thanks to the efforts of so many incredible first responders, chapter members and many other volunteers who worked late into the night, people and horses seem to be safe, although some facilities are or appear to have been damaged or lost, as well as tack and structures. We did lose our wonderful show trailer to the fire. It contained show records, our arena, ribbons, prizes, our historic files and a number of other important items, and had just been outfitted by our wonderful member Michele Bandinu. So it’s a huge loss for our chapter.  But we will forge ahead and figure out our next steps.   


What we will need - will be updated here soon - please check back frequently 



SBCCDS Trailer

Our trailer just days before the fire

Trailer, arena and supplies are a complete loss

PLEASE DONATE to help us rebuild our show trailer:

Make check out to: 


Please mail attn:

Laura Kranzler

2343 Sonora Drive

Santa Barbara 93105


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