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2021 Year-End Awards


Training Level Champion: 

Beatrix Freels & Figgy Pudding 66.89%

The Susix Steedman Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Karen Christensen


Training Level Reserve Champion: 

Brooklyn Gagne & Curran 62.88%


1st Level Champion: 

Chloe Adrian-Giannetto & Princess Isabella 65.55%

The President's Award Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Mary Couch

2nd Level Champion: 

Aleja Lopez & Matilda 60.83%

The Don Atajo Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Allyson Aldrich.



1st Level Champion: 

Maraka MacDonald & Legacy 68.42%

The MK Equestrian Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Marianne Kruidenier


1st Level  Reserve Champion: 

Heidi Bowers-Dutra & Capriccio 64.64%


2nd Level Champion: 

Tory Names & JerrytaleA 67.70%

The Deborah Kagel Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Deborah Kagel


3rd Level Champion: 

Lisa White & Bethoven 65.45%

The Susan Cheney Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Susan and Peter Cheney


FEI Champion: 

Susan Ashbrook & Don Tesoro 65.29%

The Gryphon & Mozart Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Karen Christensen.



2nd Level Champion: 

Suzanne Galsterer & Capriccio 67.19%

The Rita Good Memorial Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Wendy Wergeles

3rd Level Champion: 

Stephanie Gustafson & Corazana 68.32%

The Florentino Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Allyson Aldrich


3rd Level Reserve Champion: 

Suzanne Galsterer & Greta Garbo 66.41%


4th Level Champion: 

Stephanie Gustafson & Corazana  66.98%

The Halcon Equestrian Concepts Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Kimberly Wilson


FEI Champion: 

Kate Sulzbach & Uiver 66.46%

The Figgy Pudding Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Michelle Freels


FEI  Reserve Champion: 

Stephanie Gustafson &  Goldenrod 64.63%



Freestyle Champion: 

Stephanie Gustafson & Corazana 69.16%

The Susan Cheney Freestyle Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Susan & Peter Cheney


FEI Freestyle Champion: 

Michelle Freels & Wynnona 63.77%

The Von der Burg FEI Freestyle Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Gina Von der Burg



Ave Johnson 62.59% 

Honoring all her great rides in 2021. Unfortunately, requirements were not met for our chapter awards; two scores in the same level with the same horse from two different judges.



Training Level JR Champion: 

Juliet Bradley & Persephone 62.59%



1st Level JR Champion: 

Natalie Kraus & Kings Affair 71.51%



Mary Couch

The Louise Caccese Perpetual Trophy sponsored by Louise Caccese




Our gratitude and thanks go to all the parents of all our junior riders! You are the logistical support your kids need for their horse care, lessons and shows.  Parents always help us with setting up and taking down the shows, and parents always bring happy energy and generous support. Thank you, parents! 


Thanks to all our Chapter members and friends for making our 2021 show season the great success it was and something we can all be proud of.  On to 2022 !

Winner's Circle for 2021
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