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How to donate your tack to SBC CDS

The Santa Barbara County Chapter of the California Dressage Society, a 501(c)(3), needs your donations to help us meet our ever-increasing show expenses. All proceeds from the tack sales are used to support the chapter's activities.

Here is more information.


What we need:

Dressage saddles, bridles, bits, reins saddle pads, show coats, whips, boots, full seat breeches. Any type of barn stable supplies, horse supplies, like sport boots, wraps, brushes, lunge lines, you name it. We can sell equestrian books, art and decor.


What we can't accept:

Helmets, French link snaffle bits, heavily filled or ripped blankets, hunter/jumper tack, etc.

We cannot sell items on consignment.


How many items can I donate?

Donate one item or a pile of items, we need it all!


Clean it?

No, you don't have to clean your donations. We will do it! (Yup, your mom does work here!)

Deliver it?

No, you don't have to deliver your donations, we can pick them up!

You can also bring your items with you to the show or contact Lynne Sherman at to make arrangements.


When can I donate?

Donate any time, all year around. We clean and store your donation until our next show and sale.


What's "in it" for you?

Your tack room is now tidy, and you have room for new stuff.

You feel happy because you help the earth by rehoming, not tossing, your old items into a landfill.

You feel good about yourself because you are helping fellow riders gather equipment to continue their dressage journey.

We will provide you with a 501c3 charitable donation receipt for your financial records.

We will list you on our sponsor's Appreciation Roster.

You will receive a sponsorship level and all the acknowledgement opportunities for that level.

You will never be lonely because we will stay in touch with you by asking for various kinds of donations. When you come to visit a show, we will recognize you and invite you to hang out with us at our tack sale booth.

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