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2018 Year-End Winners

2018 Recognized Division


AA Training Level Champion

Deborah Kagel (San Diego)  71.413%

AA Training Level Reserve Champion

Laura Kranzler (Lilliana)  67.885%


Open Training Level Champion

Suzanne Galsterer (San Diego)  71.250%

Open Training Level Reserve Champion

Kate Sulzbach (Mini Cooper) 65.114%


AA 1st Level Champion

Susan Ashbrook (Deacon’s Quarter) 61.953%

AA 1st Level Reserve Champion

Michelle Bischoff (Atlas)  61.080%


AA 2nd Level Champion

Mary Couch (Istala) 60.976%


AA 3rd Level Champion

Susan Ashbrook ( Don Tesoro)  63.613%


AA 3rd Level Freestyle Champion

Kristi Ullman (Luek) 62.334%


Open 3rd Level Champion

Kate Sulzbach (Splendid Spring)   61.056%


AA Para Grade 4 Champion

Michele Bandinu (Soulman)  69.497%

AA Para Grade 4 Reserve Champion

Michele Bandinu (Skagen)  68.080%


Open Grand Prix Champion

Catherine Gallegos (Zanaika)  64.402%

2018 Schooling Division


JR/YR Champion: Sofia Blake  (Connect the Dots)  71.125%

JR/YR Reserve Champion:  Ave Grace Johnson  (Curran)  68.125%


AA Introductory Champion

Mary Somerville  (Top Darco)  67.813%


AA Training Level Champion

Sara Ellsworth  (Bentley)  68.705%

AA Training Level Reserve Champion

Carole Bennett  (Vinnie)  67.020%

AA Training Level Honorable Mention

Kathy O’Conner  (Bentley)  66.349%


Open 1st Level Champion

Suzanne Galsterer  (Capriccio)  75.014%


AA 2nd Level Champion

Laura Langford  (Doma Fabrizia)   66.666%


Open Western Dressage 1st Level Champion

Sarah Starks  (Commanders Bueno)  75.190%

2018 Central Coast Circuit Show Winners 

Awarded August 18th 2018

Adult Amateur:   Training-1st Level

Deborah Kagel with San Diego Training Level     71.198


Adult Amateur: 2nd & 3rd Level

Susan Sullivan with Solana   Second Level   66.730


Open Rider:  Training – 1st Level

Suzanne Galsterer with San Diego Training Level   72.645


Open Rider: FEI

Ariane Rezvani with Bandalor MQ   FEI   64.314


Most Valuable Rider:

Suzanne Galsterer


Most Rides:

Rachel May

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