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2019 Year-End

Championship Awards

to our 2019 award winners
and thank you to our Perpetual Trophy Sponsors
Recognized Shows:
Junior Training Leve
Champion: Avery Klein  - Facile
Reserve: Aleja Lopez - Vice Commander
AA Training Level
Champion: Deborah Kagel - San Diego
Trophy Sponsor: Louise Caccese
Open Training Level
Champion: Suzanne Galsterer - San Diego
Trophy Sponsor: Halcon Equestrian Concepts
AA 1st Level
Champion: Heidi Bowers-Dutra - Capriccio
Trophy Sponsor: MK Equestrian
AA 2nd Level
Champion: Susan Ashbrook - Deacons Quarter
Trophy Sponsor: Deborah Kagel
Open 2nd Level
Champion: Suzanne Galsterer - Capriccio
Trophy Sponsor: Wendy Wergeles in honor of Rita Good
Reserve: Stephanie Gustafson - Coranza
AA 3rd Level
Champion: Mary Couch - Istala
Trophy Sponsor: Susan Cheney
Reserve: Karen Christensen - Istala
AA 4th Level
Champion:  Cindy Riley - DaVince Do Cavelho
Trophy Sponsor: Nicole Chastain Price Training Stables
Open 4th Level
Champion: Marianne Kruidenier - Larken Express
Trophy Sponsor: Halcon Equestrian Concepts
Schooling Shows:
Jr. Training Level
Champion: Ava Grace Johnson - Curran
AA Training Level
Champion: Lisa White - Cedric
AA 1st Level 
Champion: Rayven Boscho - Larken Diplomat
Trophy Sponsor: Susan Cheney
Open 1st Level
Champion: Gina Von der Berg - Elan
AA 3rd Level
Champion: Laura Langford - Doma Fabrizia
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