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November 7th & 8th 2020
Show at Earl Warren Showgrounds

Dear Show Competitors, SBC-CDS Members, Sponsors and Friends, 


Thank you so much for attending our inaugural dressage show at Earl Warren after rebuilding the rings and the Covid-19 closedown. We were so prepared, only to have the first winter storm come in on Friday, schooling day with light rain and monster winds. You all were amazing, rode beautifully and were so supportive of our great volunteers and the improvements to the facilities so far. We received lots of complements on the new footing and fencing, and have made a list of extra opportunities to fix up (nailing down the roof?) Everyone stayed on and there were moments of stunning beauty with fabulous photo ops of dazzling sun and mountains popping up behind the rings. Of course as we cleaned up on Monday the storm had passed – Mother Nature at her finest.


Thank you to our officials, Judges Brent Hicks and Anne Howard, TD Tajie Major, Show Manager, Ellen Corob and our EMT Shane Brown for making this a great show. 


Thank you to all of our 60 volunteers for their dedication, both what you could see and behind the scenes to pull off this show!


Thank you to our sponsors and donors who help our chapter with many critical items and support. A special recognition to Susan and Peter Cheney who underwrote our purchase of the beautiful new dressage court from Premier Equestrian along with numerous critical items for our show like walkie talkies. Mission Equine Associates (Bruce Kuesis) underwrote our insulated grocery competitor bags. Many of you got the extra special edition with a mysterious misprinted red target that we decided was a memorial edition for this strange and difficult time. Save them – they are likely to be collector’s items. Raizy Goffman (Camelot Events, producer of the Autumn Classic and Autumn Jubilee H/J shows at EWS, graciously loaned us the golf carts that literally saved our tails scurrying around the grounds.


Several of you asked about our beautiful fencing, Buckley Steel Fencing: The Evac team researched it carefully and found many satisfied owners. If you call, tell Jim Buckley that Karen Christensen or SB Equine Evac sent you and SB Equine Evac will get money or free product back. Help us renovate Earl Warren!

Many of you are posting on Facebook from the show. If you want to highlight our chapter tag or help the Earl Warren Renovation Project, please mention, like or tag We need all the help we can get to fix that roof on the Dome and fix up the stalls – your donations to SB Equine Evac qualify for tax deductions! For more info or to help call or email Karen Christensen 805-570-1700, or

All the best,


Gina von der Burg, Karen Christensen and the Show and Awards Committees: 

Gina, Karen, Mary Couch, Michelle Bischoff, Margaret Fleming, Suzanne Galsterer, Lynne Sherman, Lisa White



High Point
Saturday, November 7th

AA Training

1st Level

AA 2nd Level



HORSE & RIDER November 7, 2020

Natalie Kraus on King’s Affair

Training 2 - 73.448%

Maraka MacDonald on Legacy

Training 2 - 73.793%

Jennifer Wright Warren on Ritisha

4th Level 2 - 67.105%

Amy L. Miller on Jamebria Dg                 2nd Level 1 - 72.027%


Maraka MacDonald

on Legacy


Benefit Class


Aleda Myers

on Blue Stilettos



Brenda Forsythe

High Point


Stephanie Gustafson

on Medeterraneos Venezi

1st Level 3


on Corazana

3rd Level 3




High Point
Sunday, November 8th

AA Training

1st Level

AA 2nd Level




November 8, 2020

Ave Grace Johnson on Facile                   Training 2 - 70.862%

Maraka MacDonald on Legacy

Training 3 - 71.897%

Susan Ashbrook on Don Tesoro          PSG - 67.059%

Megan McQueeney on Olger fan ‘a Nylan State         2nd Level - 71.622%

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