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Holiday Fire Devastates

Chapter Show Trailer

On the night of Friday, July 6th, 2018 the HOLIDAY FIRE ripped through 113 acres of Goleta.  

    Erratic winds swept flames down quiet streets and roads causing immediate havoc.  Thirteen homes and fifteen outbuildings were destroyed.  Our Santa Barbara Dressage show and storage trailer was one of the fatalities.  We are desperately trying to hold our summer show on August 18th & 19th at Earl Warren as a way for our members and friends to not only qualify for awards and championship shows, but as a testament and opportunity to pull our dressage community together.  After the last ride on the 18th we plan on having a fabulous on site BBQ to award our Central Circuit winners and have the chance to mingle with old friends and new.

    We have a lot to celebrate.  Not one horse, nor one person was hurt.  If you have seen any of the footage of our heroic members leading horses out of the area with flames swirling from one direction to another, or loading horses in to trailers and receiving them at the showgrounds with our Equine Evac representatives, or were even outside that night to experience the 100 degree heat and ferocious winds, you know we have a lot to be thankful for.

Update: We have our new trailer, and were able to hold our show!

A huge thank you to everyone!!!!

PLEASE DONATE to help us rebuild our show trailer:

Make check out to: 


Please mail attn:

Laura Kranzler

2343 Sonora Drive

Santa Barbara 93105



Our hearts are bursting with Gratitude to those already donating!!! Our deepest thanks!

DIAMOND $2,000.+

Peter & Susan Cheney

Ventura County Chapter of the California Dressage Society (VCCDS)

PLATINUM $1,000.00-$1,999.00+

Allyson Aldrich

Dressage Extensions

Marilynn Mazess

Riding Warehouse

Michele Bandinu (In-Kind)


GOLD $500.00-$999.00

Tom Baldwin

Michael Caccese

Karen Christensen

Foxdale Farm (Caitlin Kieswetter) (In-Kind)

In the Irons Farms


Laura & Dan Kranzler

Marianne Kruidenier (In-Kind)

Laura & Gary Langford

Heidi Otrcht (Bowers-Dutra)

Cheryl Pelly (In-Kind)

Greg Theno-Theno Welding (In-Kind)

Kristi and Cork Ullman

SILVER $100.00-$499.00

Pam Allman & Larry Rennacker

Susan Ashbrook

Charlotte & Ramone Becerra

Jeanne Bacsi

Tom Baldwin

Michael Caccese

Kim Coalson

Mary Couch

Catherine Gallegos

Susan & Ed Galsterer

Kerry Gerlach

Si & Karen Jenkins

Deborah Kagel

Kingdom Video

Marianne Kruidenier

Sarah McClintock

Marian Meier

Pamela Nash

Lindsey Reed & Jimmy Dominguez

Santa Barbara Inn (In-Kind)

Cindy Riley

Lillian Rosen

Roberta Sanford

Bruce Stamp Wood Sculpture

Lynne Sherman

Mary Somerville 

Jeannie Stamp & Bruce Stamp Wood Sculpture

Ryan Torkkeli

Gina von der Burg (In-Kind)

BRONZE $50.00-$99.00

Bela and Jeanne Bacsi

Barbara Cleveland

Kim Coalson

Catherine Gallegos

Kerry Gerlach

Leanne Hagerty

Kingdom Video

Marian Meier

Pamela Nash

Cindy Riley

Lillian Rosen

Roberta and Leslie Sanford

Lynn Sherman

Ryan Torkkeli

Mimi Applegate Elder

Sara Ellsworth

Julie Corlett

Melissa Creswick

Susanne & Jeremy Lanini

Roberta Sanford

Sandy Savage

Patricia Sullivan

Ellen Thorne

Wild Fed Horse

Carole Bennett

Alexis Weaver

Copper $1.00-$49.00

Geraldine Shalhoob

In-Kind Donation

Grand Meadows $750.00

Platinum Performance $425.00

Mrs. Pastures Horse Cookies $200.00

Valley Vet $100.00

Daffodyl Lily Designs

SLO Chapter of CDS


Mimi Applegate Elder

Carole Bennett

Julie Carlett

Melissa Creswick

Sara Ellsworth

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