End Award Series
Standing Rules

SBC-CDS Standing Rules Approved 4-19-21


The following are the Standing Rules to be implemented by the Santa Barbara County

Chapter of the California Dressage Society (hereinafter SBC-CDS) starting April 19, 2021.

I. Elections, Terms, and Board Composition

A. Number of Elected Board Members and Positions

1. The total number of board members (elected and appointed) shall be a

minimum of three (3) and a maximum of eleven (11).

2. The minimum board positions must include Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

3. The Chair must be an elected position. The Treasurer and Secretary may be

either elected or appointed.

4. From the board members elected, the following positions may also be filled: Vice

Chair, Education Chair, Show Chair, Membership Chair, Volunteer Chair,

Sponsorship/Fundraising Chair, Newsletter Editor, Social Media Chair, Social

Chair, and Member(s) at Large. Alternatively, any of these positions may be


5. Individual board positions may be indicated on the ballot or may be filled by the

newly elected board members at the first board meeting following election


6. At the board’s discretion, any elected position may be held jointly by two (2)

people as long as the elected number does not exceed eleven (11). Each elected

board member shall be entitled to voice and voting privileges at board meetings.

B. Appointed Positions

1. The board may appoint other individuals to serve in positions and on

committees as deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Chapter, but

these individuals will not have voting rights.

2. In accordance with the CDS by-laws, the board may appoint a replacement to fill

a vacated or unfilled seat with a simple majority vote. The replacement member

shall have all the rights of an elected member, including voting privileges, but

must run for re-election at the end of the term for which he or she has been


C. Length of Terms

The length of a term for elected officers shall be one (1) year, starting on January 1st

of each year, or in the event the annual meeting for the prior year is held in January

of the following year, terms will begin the day after the election results are tallied.

D. Term Limits

Because the Chair is the only board position that must be elected, a recommended

term limit of three years will apply. Extensions to this three-year term limit can be

granted at the discretion of the board. There are no term limits on other board


E. Board Meetings

Board members are expected to attend as many board meetings as possible.

Meetings are generally held once per month for approximately two (2) hours.

F. Committee Meetings

Elected board members are expected to attend committee meetings as necessary to

support functions relevant to their elected or assigned positions.

II. Finances

A. Expense Reimbursements

All reimbursement requests shall include receipts and be submitted to the

Treasurer within thirty (30) days of outlay or purchase.

B. Checks and Balances:

1. A minimum of two signatories will be on file for the Chapter’s checking account.

Bank statements shall be received by the Chapter Chair for review, then

forwarded to the Chapter’s Treasurer.

2. The Chapter Treasurer shall be responsible for providing CDS Central Office all

financial reports as required by the CDS statewide rules.

3. An annual Chapter budget will be developed and be voted upon by the Chapter’s

Board of Directors no later than the end of the first quarter of each year.

III. Programs

A. CDS Adult Amateur and CDS Junior/Young Rider Clinic Participation

SBC-CDS adheres to the rules governing participation in the CDS Adult Amateur and

Junior/Young Rider Clinics as established by our governing body, the California Dressage

Society. In addition, application for participation in a Chapter drawing to be selected as the

Chapter’s sponsored rider for the CDS Adult Amateur Clinic and the CDS Junior/Young

Rider Clinic requires that the following provisions be met:

1. Applicant Eligibility: Applicants must be amateur members in good standing of

SBC-CDS at the time of the drawing.

2. Applicants must be active members who have demonstrated support of the

Chapter with service on the board or on committees, volunteer work, or hosting

of a Chapter social or educational event within the year preceding the drawing. If

volunteer work is the sole criterion, applicants must have completed a minimum

of 4 hours of volunteering at a show or Chapter event.

3. Applicants must be actively riding at a minimum of Training level. They must

also be able to demonstrate that they have been taking regular dressage lessons

for the past 6 months on the horse they intend to take to the clinic.

4. Any member who has been the Chapter’s sponsored representative to the

Amateur Clinic or Junior/Young Rider Clinic must wait at least a year before reapplying

for the drawing. This restriction does not prevent the individual from

making direct, private application to the clinic organizer for an unused clinic slot

or, if such a slot is obtained, from entering the Chapter drawing the next year.

5. Applicants must submit their name at or before the Chapter’s Annual Meeting or

Awards Banquet.

6. At the Chapter’s Annual Meeting or Awards Banquet, the names of one

sponsored rider and as many alternates as have entered the drawing will be


7. The sponsored rider agrees to write an account of his or her clinic experience for

publication in the next edition of the Chapter newsletter following the clinic.

8. The sponsored rider agrees to write a thank-you note to CDS immediately upon

completion of the clinic. Because these notes are published in the CDS newsletter,

sponsored riders are encouraged to include specific comments about how the

clinic advanced their riding skills and/or their partnership with their horse.

As a sponsored participant in the clinic and a representative of SBC-CDS, the

applicant agrees to show respect for the clinician, the clinic organizers, other riders

and the CDS rules governing participation in the clinic.

B. SBC-CDS Education Grant Program

It is a goal of SBC-CDS to encourage dressage education for its members. From time

to time the board may, at its discretion, award Educational Grants to its members.

Grants will be awarded based on available funds, educational merit, and member

eligibility. No more than $300 shall be granted to each applicant. An applicant who

receives an Educational Grant may not apply again the following year. The board

may appoint an Educational Grant Committee to assist the Education Chair in

reviewing applications and allocating any available funds. This program is open to

any Chapter member in good standing who has actively supported the Chapter with

board or committee service or at least 4 hours of volunteer work within the last 12


C. SBC-CDS Horse Shows

The Horse Show Committee will meet to select and recommend to the board the names,

dates, and number of Chapter-sponsored shows to be held each year. The committee will

also recommend to the board specific schooling shows that the Chapter should endorse.

Scores from these shows will count towards the SBC-CDS Year End Award Series.

D. SBC-CDS Year-End Award Series

The SBC-CDS Year-End Award Series was developed to encourage Chapter members to set

riding goals and to reward achievement in the show ring. To be eligible for SBC-CDS Year-

End Awards, a rider must be a member in good standing of SBC-CDS at the time the scores

submitted are earned.

The award year will run from December 1 to November 31. For each horse and rider

combination, per level, scores must be submitted as described below:

1. Schooling Awards (Introductory through Fourth Level):

a. For the award year, riders must submit their two highest scores at any

given level. Scores must be earned at SBC-CDS endorsed schooling

shows or in Opportunity classes at SBC-CDS rated shows. The two

scores submitted will be averaged to determine the winner.

b. Awards for this category will be given to Junior, Amateur, and Open

competitors at each level from Introductory through Fourth

Level. Riders will be considered eligible for the Junior division until

the competition year in which they turn 22.

2. Recognized Awards (Introductory Level through Grand Prix):

a. In order to qualify for year-end “Recognized” awards, riders must

earn at least one score in an SBC-CDS show or perform a minimum of

10 hours of volunteer work for the chapter during the award year.

b. For the award year, riders must submit their two highest scores at any

given level from two different judges. The scores must be earned at

two different CDS-rated shows.

c. The two scores submitted will be averaged to determine the winner.

d. Awards for this category will be given to Junior, Amateur, and Open

competitors at each level from Introductory through Grand

Prix. Riders will be considered eligible for the Junior division until the

competition year in which they turn 22.

The Show Committee may recommend other awards as appropriate (honorary awards


General rules:

A rider and horse combination cannot win both Schooling and Recognized Awards

at any given level.

The average of the two submitted scores will be used to determine a rider’s standing

at any given level.

Rider and horse combinations may compete for Year-End Awards in up to two

levels, but they must be adjoining—for example Training and First, or Second and Third,

but not First and Third.

Rider and horse combinations may only win the championship in Year-End Awards

at any given level for two (2) consecutive years, after which time the combination must

wait out a year or compete at a higher level.

To be eligible, riders must submit scans of their two highest-score tests at any given

level to the Awards Coordinator via email by December 1 of the award year, to allow for

determination of winners before our Annual Meeting.

Changes to these rules may be made at any time by the Chapter’s Board of Directors.

These rules, as revised, were voted on and approved by the Chapter’s Board of Directors on

April 19, 2021.