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Central California Adult Amateur Clinic 2024

Updated: Jun 30

with Clinician Heidi Gaian, hosted March 2-3, 2024, at Jackie Eckhaus’ Mountain View Sport Horses in San Luis Obispo.

Jessica Brown, Whisper ~ SBC

My family has always come first in my life. As a result, I have never had as much time as I would like to ride my horses and both train them and myself to the level I would like. I am so grateful Santa Barbara County Chapter, as well as California Dressage Society for sponsoring these clinics. It’s so helpful for me to see other riders and even experienced upper level riders and horses work through challenges. Heidi was awesome and patient. In spite of losing her voice, she continued to hang in there and help everyone to the very end. I really saw a difference from one day to the next with my horse as well as the other participants. Of course, the facilities were outstanding, and allowed us to ride in spite of horrible weather. Arrangements were made for a videographer. I would have to say this was my aha moment. To actually see my rider position on the video at the same time listening to the Heidi talk to me gave me some significant helpful information moving forward.

Jessica Cohen riding horse Whisper in Heidi Gaian Clinic
Jessica Cohen and Whisper

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