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Spring Dressage in Santa Barbara

Written by Nicole Walther and Gina Von Der Burg

"Dressage is the art of teaching the horse to carry you. Riding is the art of learning to be a good load to carry." ~ Richard Weiss

Our spring show at Earl Warren was a great success. Judges Gwen Ka’awaloa ‘S and Dinah Babcock ‘S’ had a chance to evaluate several SBC members, as well as riders from San Luis Obispo County, Ventura County and more, over the weekend of May 18-19, 2024

The atmosphere was relaxed and the highly anticipated Champaign class had a great turnout (and surprising winner!)

Click on the HERE to find out who our High Point winners were and visit our website soon for more photos and reports from the show.

Huge thanks to Michele Bandinu and Hilo Nick for saving arenas on no notice and another big thanks to Samantha Flynn for her generous donation, which helped alleviate some of the financial burden.

If you like the shows and the setting at Earl Warren Showgrounds as a competitor, volunteer or spectator or just because you would like to keep the Earl Warren shows alive, we hope you will be part of our next show as a sponsor (contact Lynne) or volunteer. We are hopeful for our show future with Earl Warren, however, it became clear that additional financial assistance is still needed due to rising costs. 

Thank you to all our amazing competitors, sponsors and volunteers for their amazing support, we couldn’t do it without them.🤎

Photo Credit: Ashlee Mayfield

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